Capacity Building

AIFEC builds the capacity of grassroots groups of women with no administrative systems by providing tools so that they can acquire and manage funding to build sustainable organizations. The aim is to attain 100% accountability, develop and practice good governance and attain their own development goals.

We help them establish their own offices and create systems in order to manage growing programmes. Our staff work on-site with the communities, consulting on programme development, resource allocation, training coordination and project management. Our field staff provide hands-on technical assistance, trouble shooting, conflict resolution, and operational support.

Historically, community-based organizations were predominately informal structures driven by volunteers and usually lacking professional organization, financial management and unable to access funding due to lack of communications and no experience with grant’s criteria.

The purpose is to make women self-reliant and independent through the supply of appropriate skills. Capacity Building covers a large part of the work being done on-site by AIFEC and encompasses the following:

Monitoring & Evaluation

Groups start by basic tracking of numbers of orphans and vulnerable children and services provided. AIFEC mentors them in collecting and maintaining the data on their beneficiaries. As skills improve, AIFEC introduces more complex assessment tools to track programmes, measure impact and evaluate outcomes.


Some of our groups start with pencil and paper to record financial transactions. AIFEC introduces training in book-keeping, accounting principles, financial management and computer literacy. As their professional ability increases, more complex systems are established and ultimately they are prepared for regular audits.

Grant-writing & Reporting

With regular coaching, our groups turn one-page applications and hand-written budgets into impressive grants, with logical frameworks for planning and implementation. Reporting emphasises their activities and documents their achievements and progress.

Strategic Planning

AIFEC field workers help group leaders strategically plan their activities and service delivery, which includes getting government and key non-governmental associations involved. A key to the sustainability of these organizations is that as the groups develop and the number of children increases, government becomes a larger stakeholder.