There are several challenges in educating today’s youth in Togo. The drop out rate is exceptionally high, particularly for girls who are forced to care for parents with AIDS and manage the household.  How a child performs in school can be an indicator of their overall well-being and children not enrolled in school are more vulnerable to neglect and abuse.  Senior schools charge fees and all schools require uniforms, which orphans cannot afford.

AIFEC provides access to pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education in order to yield healthy, self-reliant young adults who contribute back to the community.  Our trained child care workers monitor the children’s attendance and progress and advocate for child rights in school, conducting strategic planning meetings with the Department of Education.

Early Childhood Development Training and Supplies

Early Childhood Development Centres care for orphans and vulnerable children under the age of 6 in stimulating learning environments. AIFEC provides the centres and staff with infrastructure and grant assistance, as well as learning materials, toys, and food garden supplies.

School Enrolment

Since 2003, through our School to School program, AIFEC has supported thousands of orphans and vulnerable children with school fees, learning materials, school uniforms, shoes, sports fees and fees for computer classes.  Childcare workers enrol and monitor the children’s progress.

Higher Education

AIFEC provides youth with access to technical college for skills development. Students volunteer time back to their community-based organization, becoming peer educators and encouraging young people to work hard in school and go on to higher learning.

School libraries

Only 8% of public ordinary schools have functioning libraries and most of those are schools which charge fees and pay for the libraries themselves.  Installing libraries in the local village schools where we work, provides these isolated children with a chance to read in both their mother-tongue and English, thus laying a foundation of literacy.