Psychosocial Support

There are a staggering 70, 000 AIDS orphans in Togo in 2010 and by 2017 the figure will stand at 150,000, according to UNICEF 2010 annual report. The challenges of poverty and HIV/AIDS strips communities of their ability to provide well-rounded care for children. When young children lose parents and siblings through illness and death, the impact may distort their physical and psychological development.

Young children require protection, nurturing, social and emotional (psychosocial) support.  We ensure the holistic development of orphans and vulnerable children, which in addition to addressing the basic needs of food, medical care and education, also nurtures and fosters relationships, so that they get the stable affectionate care they are entitled to and opportunities to develop their full potential.

Child and Youth Care Training

This community training introduces programmes which enhance the skills of those working with children and youth affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and their families. They learn how to meet the basic and developmental needs of children.

Youth Development

Youth empowerment workshops are geared to inspire young people to make informed decisions about their future, setting goals for themselves, examining sexuality, gender equality and human rights.

Memory Work & Counselling

Through play therapy and story telling, careers help children cope with the loss of parents.  With grief counselling, children create a memory box in which to keep their memories or memorabilia of the person who has died.

Art & Music Therapy

Throughout the year, AIFEC invites trained facilitators to conduct creative workshops for our children and youth. The arts foster joy and creativity and encourage self-worth, teamwork, and communication skills while children explore their own creative potential.

After school activities

AIFEC supports the development of after-school activities for children in the drop-in centres. Activities also include outings, wilderness adventures, Christmas parties and school holiday activities.